Poem by Al-Rhadad K. D.

There is only one thing I want to say,

One thing that could melt your heart and make you stay,

Please believe me,

I love you.


Reflections by Shaina Jane K. D.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

I felt it was brave for Juli to ask Bryce why they are throwing their eggs because their yard was a mess, all that Juli wants was to share their eggs to the lottery family but all of a sudden they threw it out. because of what Bryce did, he caused Juli to get upset and feel betrayed.because of that, Juli started to clean up their yard and Chet, Bryce’s grandfather, helped her. Juli became cold and started to avoid Bryce because of too much disappointment. in the end. Bryce has come to realize his mistakes and also realized that Juli is so important to him.

Reflections by Almarie G.

Reflection of “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green

The 16-year-old girl named, Hazel Grace Lancaster, had a Thyroid originally but with an impressive and long settled satellite colony on lungs (according to her), and 17-year-old boy named, Augustus Waters, had a Osteosarcoma a year and a half ago (according to him). They were truly the real picture when you will say the word- Brave. I salute every characters of the novel especially these two main characters. I was amazed on how they supported each other and every single time that one of them had a problem, one was always there so the other one had someone to lean on. They made every day memorable and make sure that they were going to have some fun, as if it was their last day here on Earth. They made every single day happy because they knew that time would come that it would probably be over for them.

Reflection of “A walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks”

Jamie Sullivan was a great fighter! I adore her strenght to fight against her illness. Other people would eventually question God on what’s happening in their life but Jamie still believes that God has a plan for every thing. I love how Landon changed because of Jamie, she taught Landon how to fogive and forget. I was so happy also that Hegbert agreed on their wedding and was the one who married them both. But what surprised me most was the ending of the story when Landon says “.. There’s one thing I haven’t told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen.” I was so happy after realizing that Jamie defeated her illness and so for Landon who also believed in God’s plan even though his faith was slowly fading away.

Reflection of “The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey”

In the first part of the story, a 16-year-old Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan was just a simple girl who has something for Bejamin Thomas Parish and has a best friend named Lizbeth Morgan and of course a Mother, Father and a baby brother Sammy Sullivan but that was changed after the Arrival. 1st Wave: Lights Out, 2nd Wave: Surf’s Up, 3rd Wave: Pestilence, 4th Wave: Silencer and keep these on your mind; “Trust no one” and “The only way to stay alive is to stay alone”. I was amaze with Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan’s attitude on how she faced all those struggles with her own. After her Mother’s death on the 3rd Wave and her Father’s Death on the 4th Wave, I can picture out how strong Cassie was to stand on her own. After the 3rd Wave, Cassie, her father and her baby brother accidentally found the Camp Ashpit where the survivors like them are there. After several days for staying there, there are several groups of people who said that they were going to save all of them and the younger kids under Camp Ashpit were taken to Camp Haven and Sammy, Cassie’s baby brother, was one of them. Cassie together with his Father make a promise to Sammy that they would eventually come after him no matter what happens together with his Teddy Bear. After the school bus leaves Camp Ashpit, Cassie and her Father accidentally knew that those people who said that they would save all of them were just lying and that makes his Father’s own death and Cassie fortunately escaped. I was sad for Cassie but I disregarded all of the sadness I felt because of my own amazement on how Cassie faced all of those struggles. Instead of feeling sorry for her, I feel like I was determined to also find his baby brother, I feel like I’m with Cassie’s journey.
So depressed 16-year-old Cassie did not know what to do because of the trauma for all the things that happened in her life, I salute Cassie’s attitude and determination for planning to still save her Brother no matter what happens even if it cause her own death, even if she doesn’t know if Sammy was still alive or already dead, she did still go and indeed she is the perfect meaning for ‘strong woman’ and that would be one of the reasons why I idolized Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan.