Turbulence by Acie

If then, I knew it will come to this

I felt, hoped it never would

Even as I faced you with masked bliss

For this is not how it should


I raised my arm in threatening stance

And waited with bated breath

To see how you would act, eyes askance

Watching as your feelings writhe

Sharing a sweet tang; taste like orange

Memory I not quite hate

It was then I noticed a big change

Uncertain if I can eat


Musky scent linger in those dark nights

It started to devour me

Confused; psychedelic colored lights

Back then I refused to see


How can you claim this is platonic?

Perfervid and torrential

Bursting damn of uncontained water

What can I say? It says all


You haunt me, sweet pleasure of my dreams

Chains turned laces my eyes glaze

Blinking the sin-filled abyss blast, seams

I stared at you, eyes ablaze


To end this strangeness in my own heart

I ask you again my, friend

Do you feel this same thickness; a start

Emotions I feel won’t end.


You smile and I, I felt like I’d died

Steel resolve turned brittle rust

So I indulge and I tried

Desperately clinging to blind trust


Your eyes a sapphire with silver sheen

May seem cold; to me it’s warm

You grace me with a smile in its sweetest form

And so out of the moment

I claimed the rose like it is my own.


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