If raindrops can sing by Acie

If raindrops can sing,

I would have known you loved me.

If raindrops can sing,

We would blossom and danced with the bee.

If raindrops can sing,

I would gladly go blind and let only my heart see.

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Turbulence by Acie

If then, I knew it will come to this

I felt, hoped it never would

Even as I faced you with masked bliss

For this is not how it should


I raised my arm in threatening stance

And waited with bated breath

To see how you would act, eyes askance

Watching as your feelings writhe

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Anonymity by Ambia G.

Hearts drawn on the side of my page
Ignore the small insignificance of age
I get all dressed up
I put on a skirt
Strong but subtle I carefully flirt
Just because there are years in between
It doesn’t matter it shouldn’t change a thing
Only it does
When the big picture plays
Our love will be set aside
For another day

By the Unknown Poet by Ambia G.

I want you to love me
Just one more day
And let me feel those nice
feelings once again
Let me forget that you have already went away
cause that will make me go insane

Let me love you one more day
To give you more love
that may make you stay

Come back to my life once again appear
Stay in my heart come near
Remove this fear

Let us fall in love once more
And from this dream don’t make me awake
Don’t say goodbye
Don’t close the door
For heaven’s sake

You were the sweetest dream
I know
Dreams are always better than real
Dreams always bring sun beam
Real puts you in prisons of steel

A Love Song of Dangling Comparatives by Ambia G.

Often do you feel insecure.

With yourself always so unsure.

No matter how many times you prove your worth.

The doubts never seize to go back and forth.

But right now, at this dear moment. Lay your heart down and bathe in merriment. Darling, you may not see yourself as such but I will always be here to tell you that you’re much… much more than that.

You’re much more than your mother’s son. Much more than a hardworking employee. More than a pious fellow. Much more than a lover.

You’re cute that’s a given. Charming and charismatic? That’s already been proven. But you are just so much… much more than that.

You’re thoughtful, can’t even let a person remain sorrowful. You’re witty, God only knows just how many times you’ve fooled me. But still, you’re much… much more than these things.

See I can use all the adjectives I know, and pair it with some adverbs for a brighter glow. But none of these will ever be enough to tell you that you’re much… much more than that.

Reflections by Shaina Jane K. D.

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

I felt it was brave for Juli to ask Bryce why they are throwing their eggs because their yard was a mess, all that Juli wants was to share their eggs to the lottery family but all of a sudden they threw it out. because of what Bryce did, he caused Juli to get upset and feel betrayed.because of that, Juli started to clean up their yard and Chet, Bryce’s grandfather, helped her. Juli became cold and started to avoid Bryce because of too much disappointment. in the end. Bryce has come to realize his mistakes and also realized that Juli is so important to him.